How to Recover a Wilting Garden for Next Season

Posted on: 5 June 2018

Australia may be best known for its glorious, sunny days and long summers, but they present their own challenges if you are someone who likes to maintain a great looking garden and even grow your own food. Thankfully, the latest version of summer may be on its way out and this is the time for you to look forward to next year, so that you have as lush an environment at home as possible. How should you start to prepare for this?

Looking Ahead

With overwhelming heat comes many a potential problem for a typical garden. When rain is sparse, plants will begin to shrivel in the noonday sun and you have to use up precious resources as you water this area through the season. Nature is very resilient, however and you can soon get things moving in the right direction with some targeted work.


Begin by introducing several layers of mulch to start feeding the soil and bringing it back to health. Layer this to a depth of several centimetres and it will also help you to suppress any weeds that may begin to grow.


You'll also have to introduce some specific garden fertilisers, manufactured to help the type of soil that you have at your plot. As you may know, there are many different brands and they are scientifically designed to benefit only the types of soil listed, so check carefully. If you're not sure of your soil mix, get it tested first so that you can always buy the right product. You may also have to add some specific improvers, especially if you have sandy soil, to really help the fertiliser do its magic.


As you plan your garden, make sure that you put each plant in an ideal position in order to maximise irrigation. If your garden is relatively exposed, then you should consider introducing windbreaks so that precious plants do not dry out too easily, or even small trees to help particularly sensitive plants take hold. You should always choose plants that are able to cope in harsh conditions and are very efficient at using water, as otherwise you may be constantly chasing an uphill battle.

Are You Ready?

Once you have everything prepared and ready for tamer winter conditions, you should be set for a bumper growing season next year. Remember, however, to always use the best quality supplements and fertilisers, so that you stand the best chance of success.