Everything You Need to Know About Tray Seeders

Posted on: 29 May 2020

One area you can optimise your farming operations is sowing seeds in the farm. You can save lots of time, labour resources and money by streamlining your planting processes. Certainly, mechanising should be among your first considerations. If it makes sense to replace human labour with machines, then go ahead and do it. You will complete your planting process within a shorter period and eliminate many of the errors that would have been committed by manual workers scaling the fields. The following article covers automatic tray seeders you can use for horticultural farming activities:

Automatic Tray Seeders for Coated Seeders

Automatic tray seeders meant for handling coated seed a specific volume of seeds. It distributes the seeds evenly over the surface of the tray for desirable results when planting. The equipment comes with retractable distribution tubes that allow you to adjust the spacing between the seeds when sowing. Additionally, the automatic tray seeder for coated seeds comes with a perforated seed plate. The seed plates vary in thickness so that you can process a variety of seeds using the machines. Lastly, you benefit from fully automated operations that require little manual operations when sowing. 

Pneumatic Tray Seeders for Pellet/ Needle-like Seeds

Seeds vary in shape. This means that automating the sowing process requires different types of machines. A pneumatic tray seeder relies on automated processes similar to those the tray seeder discussed initially. However, the pneumatic equipment can only vacuum and blow one seed at a time into the tray cell. It differs from the automatic tray seeder because the latter processes a certain volume of seeds rather than one seed at a time.

You can adjust the blowing strength, vibration and vacuum strength of the seeder to suit your preferences. Pneumatic needle seeders are ideal for sowing small quantities of seeds. 

Automatic Vacuum Seeding Machine

You also have the option of an automatic vacuum seeding machine. It comes with rectangular trays that process seeds faster than the other machine discussed. This is because they seeding happens along the length of the tray, and not the width. Seeding along the length means that you deliver high volumes of seeds with desirable precision. You are better off with a machine that comes with a watering bar. The complimentary water bar allows you to inject regulated doses into the sowing cells at different stages of the planting process. Lastly, you can sow different types of seeds as the suction needles accommodate various shapes and sizes. For more information, visit a seed machine provider, such as Mirco Bros