Using an Excavator? How to Get the Ideal Farm Excavator Attachments

Posted on: 9 June 2020

An excavator is a multipurpose machine that can perform various tasks around your farm. These machines work on a rotating platform known as the excavator house. The excavator, by itself, is a powerful device. However, different attachments offer increased functionality. There is an extensive selection of accessories that you can get for your excavator. Thus, you will likely get confused about what you need. Highlighted below are types of excavator attachments and how they can work on your farm.

The Bucket

An excavator bucket is also known as a scoop. It is a deep tool that almost looks like a shovel. The bucket is ideal for farm applications that need you to dig deep into the ground. When digging through the land, buckets with teeth can help penetrate even the hard surfaces. The general utility teeth work great for many farms. But you can also get penetration teeth when looking to break through extreme depths. 

Buckets come in varying sizes, so you can find one that best suits your farm operations. A deep and wide tool will work best when lifting loose material such as clay or sand. 

The Auger

If you are looking to dig many holes in your land, then the auger is the best tool. Drills offer accuracy and speed for digging holes. These tools have a spiral design that works to remove soil from the holes as it penetrates through. They are suitable when looking to build full-grown trees and shrubs around the farm. The important thing is to choose an ideal auger diameter. 

There are different types of drills, depending on how you wish to use them. For instance, a direct drive auger works best for moderate soil types such as sand. 

The Grapple

You can use the grapple for various applications such as clearing the land and loading bulky materials. This tool is a necessity when logging as it can carry many logs at once. The grapple has a unique design that allows a high amount of tooth overlap. That will help leave behind smaller dirt and rock particles when compressing loads. There are various kinds of grapples in the market. The most common grapple for farms is the contractor's grapple. This tool is ideal for reprocessing and sorting. The contractor's grapple also requires little maintenance.


An excavator is a great device for your farm. Getting the right attachments for your farm increases the usability of your excavator. Ensure you always get your excavator attachments from trusted suppliers. That way, you get durable and efficient tools. It is also best to talk to the experts before deciding which excavator attachment to buy.