Choosing The Right Fence For Keeping Cane Toads Out Of Your Garden

Posted on: 25 June 2018

Of all the many invasive pests that have infested Australia's ecosystem over the years, the humble cane toad is probably the most notorious, and this voracious amphibian can deal terrible damage to your garden's plants, flowers and vegetables if they are allowed free reign to enter your property. However, for many of us simply slaughtering every cane toad that steps foot in our garden isn't an option; besides the obvious ethical problems, cane toads have toxic skin and blood which can poison nearby plants and family pets even after the toad is destroyed. [Read More]

How to Recover a Wilting Garden for Next Season

Posted on: 5 June 2018

Australia may be best known for its glorious, sunny days and long summers, but they present their own challenges if you are someone who likes to maintain a great looking garden and even grow your own food. Thankfully, the latest version of summer may be on its way out and this is the time for you to look forward to next year, so that you have as lush an environment at home as possible. [Read More]